Baku is the perfect destination for a vacation with family and children. You can enjoy a delightful and memorable time, making a visit to these places during your trip.

Baku Funicular 

The funicular is a cliff railway connecting the Martyrs' Lane and Neftchilar Avenue that are Baku’s two landmarks of major importance. Views from the top begin with Icheri Sheher and the Old City in the close distance and the new towers towards the skyline. Taking a funicular ride is a must-do for a holiday in Baku since it is Azerbaijan’s first and only funicular system. Featuring a maximal speed of 8.2 feet per second, the funicular stretches over a length of 455 meters

The Caspian Sea Cruise   

A real sea-voyage by pleasure-boat along the Baku Bay is a topmost thing to do with your family for a Baku holiday. The terminal lies in the centre of Baku Boulevard, which itself is a picturesque view. Cruises go into the bay for approximately one hour and the highlights of this trip are the glowing Flame Towers and the sparkling city of Baku. There is no better way to see the evening skyline than going for a Caspian Sea Cruise.

Gabaland Amusement Park 

Gabaland, due to its size and number of attractions is sometimes called an 'Azerbaijani Disneyland', is a perfect place for family and kids to have fun. Located in one of the most picturesque regions, it attracts tourists to come over here for their Azerbaijan holidays. More than 50 attractions including motorcycle and skating rinks, volleyball and football areas are there. The seven artificial lakes, as well as cafes and restaurants offering dishes from Azerbaijani and world cuisine, make it a must-visit.

Little Venice 

“Little Venice” in Baku Boulevard is a small town of 10.000 square metres with two large towns and many small islands, connected by decorated stone bridges. You can travel in the channels full of still and clean water in gondolas. As this is near the Caspian seashore town, it gives a feel of the real Venice. The feeling of drifting in a gondola with your loved ones, next to the Caspian Sea, is very relaxing.

Baku Museum of Miniature Books 

The Museum of Miniature Books is another attraction that is a must-visit for your holiday in Baku. This privately-owned, the only one of its kind in the world, the Miniature Book Museum has a wide collection of miniature books. Your kids will love to see around the collection of 4,350 miniature books and feel like a giant.

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