Vienna, Austria’s capital offers a unique mix of traditional heritage and modernity. Vienna is among the least ruined great old western European capitals with a busy cultural calendar and plentiful sights. This year-round destination has a very special charm, with famous imperial sights, wine houses, Vienna hotels, open-air cinemas, opera houses and much more.

Giant Ferris Wheel

Offering breath-taking views of the city, The Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the city’s symbols. Eight cabins in the entrance area give insights into the Viennese history. The Giant Ferris Wheel has played the "lead role" in Hollywood films, such as "The Third Man" and "The Living Daylights" which makes it a must-visit attraction in Vienna.

St. Stephen's Cathedral  

St. Stephen's Cathedral, a symbol of Vienna, is one of the most significant Gothic structures in Austria. The tower room of the Cathedral, from where you can get a gigantic view across Vienna, is reached via 343 steps. The architecture of the Cathedral is simply breath-taking with valuable altars, decorations of gold and precious stones, and impressive cathedral treasure.

Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera is a perfect abundant mix of opera and fine architecture, the synonyms of Vienna. This is an outstanding building that is considered one of the best Opera Houses in the world. The exterior is packed with many arches and arched windows, and the interior feels more like a palace than a place of musical celebration. To get the full-fledged vibe of the place, you should watch a live concert or Opera.

Belvedere Museum

The museum has two palaces, Upper and Lower Belvedere featuring amazing architecture. The Belvedere is a wonderful Baroque palace and house to one of Austria's most treasured art collections. The highlight of the museum is the decorative masterpiece, The Kiss, by painter Gustav Klimt along with his biggest collection of work. Exploring this museum is a must-do activity that you can’t miss out on.

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