Georgia is a beautiful country with different kinds of landscapes and climate zones. The same is true for Georgian cuisine. The Georgian food is a rich and diverse collection of delectable food items hold a clear impression of its various historical legacies. While the Asian influence is quite evident in the Khachapuri and Khinkali dishes, the meats and bread dishes are a perfect reminder of its European legacy. The country of Georgia has an 8000 years old history in winemaking also. Even today, a lot of winemakers use the traditional clay pots for making wine. Hence, Georgian food is grand, palatable and outstanding in every aspect. If you are planning to visit Georgia or to buy a Georgia tour package or anytime soon, and are wondering about your food options, then read the following post for having a perfect Georgian cuisine (Specialities) guide at your disposal.

Georgian food Specialities – Traditional Items:


Khinkali is the perfect doppelganger of the dumpling or momo. It has meat stuffing and is served after boiling or steaming. The stuffing varies from region to region. Once the dumplings are cooked, they are filled with tasty hot broth. Hence, they are also called as the soup dumplings. These are one of the best Georgian food items you must try on your visit. They are available at almost all the restaurants located at the major tourist destinations. If you are a vegetarian then you can opt for the mushroom, cheese or curd filled dumplings.


Another Georgian food which is readily available everywhere and is whole-heartedly loved by all tourists is the Khachapuri. It is essentially an open-boat shaped bread with a crispy exterior and soft interior. The central portion of the bread is hollowed out and filled with sunny side up eggs. There are numerous varieties of Khachapuri. It is available at almost all the restaurants and is a must try Georgian food.

The other variations include creamy mushroom and cheese pockets, rice stuffed pies and cheese stuffed flatbread that drips cheese with each bite. All in all, it is delicious and filling.

Lobio or the Bean Soup:

Lobio or the Bean Soup is a perfect combination of thick soup with red beans, onions, and walnut. The consistency, ingredients, and taste vary across different regions. It is generally eaten with a round shaped Georgian cornbread called Mchadi. This would be your delightful Georgian Cuisine when you get bored by eating meat and bread.


The other popular Georgian food items are: 

  • Qababi or Kebabs which are made of grilled minced meat. 

  • Dolmas are the vegetables or leaves stuffed with herbs, minced meat, and rice. Vegetables or leaves are steamed, boiled or roasted. This is a typical Georgian delicacy. 

  • Chakapuli is a traditional Georgian stew made with lamb meat and white wine. 
  • Georgian Food – Basic Idea:

    • Georgia is a perfectly well-endowed nation that offers a wide variety of climate zones. These natural conditions have a good effect on the growth of different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Owing to this, Georgian cuisine includes lots of vegetables, fruits, and meats. Further, the interaction of local Georgians with the various other ethnicities has brought a huge addition to the traditional Georgian cuisine. 
    • Most of the Georgian households enjoy a variety of dishes for a single meal. This means that at a typical lunch table you will find lots of dishes instead of just one. And, if you have a gathering of friends or family, there will be a delectable spread of at least five to six dishes. 

    • If the gathering is of more importance, then the whole affair is called as ‘Supra’ in which around 10 or 12 different dishes will be there.  The supra is a kind of traditionalized feast characterized by plentiful food and ritualized drinking. 
    • You will also find unusual food items such as nettle soups, radish tops and bitter greens in Georgian cuisine.

    • Georgian food is a wide mix of different flavours, indeed.

    • Most of the Georgian dishes are to be kept at the room temperature or even chilled. The key components of a typical Georgian food menu are walnut sauces, fresh ground herbs such as basil, mint, cilantro, opal, and dill.

    • One of the most amazing facts about Georgian food is that the food is not served after you have taken a table. In almost all the houses, the table is laid with lots of food and everybody then sits around to enjoy it.

    • Another curious addition to the unique Georgian cuisine list is fermented flowers. The clusters of flowers are taken from the bladdernut bush and acacia tree. They are later fermented to be enjoyed as food.

    • Another amazing fact about Georgian cuisine (specialities) is that wine is an integral part of every meal. You will not find even a single household refraining from the routine of enjoying wine after every meal.

    Well, these are some interesting facts about Georgian Food. These will surely come handy on your visit to Georgia. Now find the best tour operator in Kuwait and book your Georgia vacation package to enjoy the delicacies of this awesome country.