Never heard of Kukushka? Then first you should know about Borjomi, the charming spa town of Georgia.

If you plan to enjoy your vacation actively, in winter, then Borjomi is the best alternative. Winter in Borjomi welcomes solo travellers and couples impartially. This enchanting and dynamic resort town settled in a tranquil spot in the Mtkvari river valley is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of big cities. If you go anywhere in Georgia you’ll see promotional umbrellas and fridges with Borjomi written on them. This is because Borjomi is a famous brand of mineral water, named after the resort in which it is sourced. It is said that these mineral springs have therapeutic powers- not to mention you should try drinking it. Borjomi serves as a perfect base for hikers to discover the many trails of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Because of Borjomi’s longstanding role as a holiday destination, its facilities are pointed more at tourists, with a greater choice of accommodation, restaurants and different attractions.

Coming back, Kukushka is the famous railway connecting Borjomi and Bakuriani, the most attractive ski resort in Georgia. Once you have enjoyed the atmosphere and panoramic views of Borjomi, the opportunity of going for a Kukushka trip is the highlight of the entire tour. Kukushka is a symbol of Borjomi that offers magnificent views passing through amazing forests and ascending great mountains of Georgia. The name Kukushka comes from Russian, meaning cuckoo. The ride is 37 kilometre, lasting for 2.5 hours that gives you brilliant views of the snow-covered forest. The journey is leisurely through the green valleys and canyons along the stunning steep sides. The rail trip is through places where time passes slowly allowing you to enjoy the warm fairy-tale atmosphere and landscape.

The fascinating part of the railway is the Eiffel Bridge over the Tsemistskhali River between the stations of Tsaghveri and Tsemi. The red coloured bridge with an industrial functionalist look was constructed by the famous engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel tower. The bridge was made in France, brought to Georgia in parts and assembled in 1902. The train line on the map shows how dramatic the ride is, whirling back on itself and weaving up and around. You can’t miss this trip in the historical “Kukushka” that guarantees an unforgettable and wonderful journey. Bakuriani makes you feel like a magical place, with lots of snow and fun. After a long day, you can rest and enjoy the evening cherishing the vista. You can even sit in front of the fireplace, get a cup of Georgian wine and share the best moments with your loved one.

Leaving the capital city, Tbilisi unexplored is not done by any guests that travel to Georgia. Exploring Shardeni Street, a centre of the city’s cultural and social life, in the heart of Old Town Tbilisi will make you understand the city well. The Sharden Street of today is jam-packed with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and is undoubtedly the liveliest place in Old Town Tbilisi and for good reason.

What you exactly need is a vacation to Georgia, to relax and unwind. A ticket to Georgia is calling your name.

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