Deciding what to wear completely depends upon the tourist destinations you will be exploring, the activities you want to do and the season you have chosen to visit Georgia. Georgia experiences 12 different kinds of microclimates. The Caucasus Mountains decide the temperatures and climate at different parts of the country. There is a sunny beach in Batumi near the Black Sea and, there are permanently snow-capped mountains in the European part of Georgia. This diversity is attracting lots of travellers to Georgia; therefore several travel agencies offer exciting Georgian trip offers. If you are in Kuwait and planning to visit Georgia, buy an exciting Georgia Tour package from Kuwait to experience a unique holiday for a lifetime.

Read more to know about the clothes to wear in Georgia and plan your trip accordingly.

Summer Season and Beach Activities:

If you are visiting Georgia in summer season then, you should pack for conservative summer clothing. Georgians dress a bit conservatively. Keeping things as per their regular lifestyle might help you in avoiding stairs.

  • Long length flowy summer dresses, long skirts and shorts that are not too short can be your best picks.
  • If going to indulge in various beach sports and water activities then, you must pack 2 to 3 pairs of swimwear.
  • Take 2 to 3 pairs of durable shoes. One of them should be easily removable sandals or flip-flops. This is because if you are going to visit mosques, you are supposed to take off your shoes before entering. Also, sandals might give you blisters on heavy usage, but a comfortable pair of sneakers will not.
  • Many destinations in Georgia can be reached via foot only and needs lots of walking. So, to keep you on the move, two pairs of good walking shoes should be packed to wear in Georgia.
  • Summer Season and Adventure Tourism:

    If you are visiting Georgia in the summer for adventure tourism, then you have to choose items that fit your travel purpose.

  • It is best to wear a perfect mix of autumn and summer clothes while enjoying hiking, mountain climbing, camping, and other such outdoor sports in Georgia.
  • Pack a good pair of hiking boots and walking shoes. Don't forget to pack some pair of thicker socks.
  • Must pack a stylish denim jacket so that you can sport while visiting the cathedrals and churches situated on Hill Tops.
  • Opting for a full sleeve t-shirt and sweatshirt while exploring the national parks and other densely vegetated areas will keep you safe from insect bites.
  • Winter in Georgia

    The ‘what to wear in Georgia’ list varies if are visiting the country in Winter Season. If you are visiting the European side of the nation even in Summer, then you must pack some winter clothes. Instead of packing lots of bulky clothes, layered clothing and one or two pairs of thick clothing is recommended. You can wear other clothes underneath the Winter garb, and stay safe from the cold. Indulging in winter sports such as cable car rides along the snow-covered mountains and skiing are some of the must-dos.

    Winters and Adventure Tourism:

    In Georgian winters, the list of what to wear is going to be very big for adventure tourists. Winters can get very chilly, especially on the European side of the nation. Backpackers, as well as adventure tourists, will be spending one or two nights in camps and one or two days exploring some of the coldest parts of Georgia. Therefore, you must not forget to pack the following items for keeping yourself warm.

  • One thick woollen padded jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thick and padded trousers
  • Bodywarmers
  • Thick woollen socks
  • Thick and good quality hand gloves
  • Winter-ready boots
  • Thick woollen cap with winter special fabric on the inner side
  • Accessories:
    If you are thinking about the accessories to wear in Georgia, then check out the following:

  • A handbag that can carry a good amount of stuff
  • A nice pair of goggles
  • Chic Caps
  • Bracelets for the summer seasons
  • Chunky bracelets to enjoy the nightlife in Tbilisi
  • Some nice belts with embellished buckles
  • Headbands, bandana, and clips
  • Some Bohemian Accessories such as tasselled bags and earrings etc
  • Well, this completes the list of things to wear in Georgia. You can always add your personal favourites and add a personal touch to your packing. Because, after all, who knows you better than yourself!!!