Magnificently straddling on Asia and Europe, Turkey is a historical country that marvels you irrespective of age. As the sun sets, the city turns into a contemporary mode, attracting the young crowd. Experience the exotic mosaic of food, music, and aroma that will entice your senses. It will take just a few hours on a flight (non-stop) from Bahrain which is available all day (cheaper on weekends).

The experience of seeing the city lights, the historical monuments, and sailing in Bosphorus dinner cruise in a glistening night is dreamlike. What could be more romantic? Bosphorus cruise is a great experience and the most beguiling way to see the entire city in a glimpse. This is a  must include activity in your Turkey itinerary.

The next stop I would suggest will be Sultanahmet district, the old Istanbul. Now, this is where you can indulge in the deep history of the Byzantine era. If you’re an avid reader of Dan Brown’s novels, you can easily relate the place to “Inferno” which was mostly based in Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Basilica Cistern, the obelisk and of course, the Blue Mosque are some of the must-see places.

P.S Remember to dress appropriately while you visit mosques.


Bosphorus night cruise, Istanbul

Tour to the princess’ island- A chain of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara that has been a popular hangout which is just a ferry ride away. Out of nine, four islands are open to the public. Have you ever felt tranquillity or serenity? It’s a sanctuary of peace. This is due to the ban on motor vehicles on the island. The best way to get around is on foot. These archipelagos have lived through the history of the aristocracy, exiled politicians, authors, and artists. Büyükada is the largest and popular island among tourists. The historic pier, famous fish market, Aya Yorgi monastery overlooking the blue sea are some of the must-visit places. The view from the Aya Yorgi monastery is spectacular. Kalpazankaya Cove is a must-see place in the archipelago Burgazada. The best time to explore this place is morning hours.


A phaeton (carriage) ride at the Princes' Island

You cannot leave turkey without shopping at the Grand Bazaar. The size and the splendor of Grand bazaar will leave you speechless. You must have seen your friends who show off the evil eye amulet and the colorful lanterns and lamps from their visit to Turkey. Well, here is your chance. The plethora of shops will take you more than a day just to do window shopping, so heads-up ladies!!!

The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

If you think that Turkey is full of historical places to see and worry about your kids getting bored. Then, you’re wrong. Some of the coolest hangout places for kids include the “Miniaturk” the open miniature parks, the Legoland discovery center and the Istanbul Akvaryum (aquarium), the Vialand, the Toy Museum. Apart from Introducing kids to famous historical landmarks, the cable car and the tram ride would be a fun-filled experience. If you’re traveling as solo or couple, remember to visit the hot spot of the city, the Babylon where you can enjoy live music and mingle with the young crowd. Do not forget to treat yourself and your partner with the Turkish bath at Aga Hamami or any other historical Hamams in Istanbul.

The toy Museum (top), Legoland discovery center (bottom right); Vialand,(bottom left)

You can experience the best of the nightlife in Turkey at Beyoglu. The clubs, restaurants, and several entertainment centers are few places that attract couples.

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