• The country of Georgia nestles between Asia and Europe in the lap of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Surrounded by an incredible mountain range with peaks higher than 3000 meters. Georgia, is a country of lush sceneries, medieval towns, good food, and fantastic wine, with hospitable people. The country is a quixotic mix of Eastern European, Mediterranean, Arabic and Soviet influences. So, if the country has caught your eye, then don’t miss out on the below listed beautiful places to visit in Georgia during your visit.


Tbilisi, the ancient and vibrant capital city of Georgia bubbles with creative energy. Tbilisi with its incredible natural beauty, charms in the deep valley of the swift Mtkvari River. Tbilisi is neither European nor Asian, being on the juncture of evolution. With a rich balance of East and West, Tbilisi signifies the essence of both. Tbilisi will undeniably smite with its mountain scenery, green valleys with vineyards and the high spirited cultured people. The charismatic capital city is a rare merging of canyons and valleys. The city is an art beyond comparison, bursting with picturesque architecture. This multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious luxuriant city has backpacker hostels to international five stars for accommodation. Sightseeing in Tbilisi includes museums, castles, modish bars, and malls that make the city admirable. Unbelievable cuisine, wine-fuelled feasts drenched in antiquity and tradition leave you in utter awe.


Uplistsikhe, the name means "The Fortress of the Lord". This prehistoric rock-hewn settlement is a witness to the key happenings of Georgian history. The city was established in the Late Bronze Age about 1000BC on the Mtkvari Riverbank. The city will astound you with its dimensions and extraordinary position with the beautiful landscape. Uplistsikhe was one of the most significant political, religious, and cultural centres of pre-Christian Kartli, one of the antecedents of the Georgian state, and grew until it was desolated by the Mongols in the 13th century. The structures of Uplistsikhe are an amazing and unique blend of styles that are engraved out of sandstone rock. They represent the rock-cut cultures of the region. The splendour of the place is not much left these days. But the lost magnificence of the city can be imagined easily. The Uplistsikhe city can be roughly separated into three parts: a lower, middle, and an upper segment covering an extent of around 40,000 square meters.


Mtskheta, the most famous and oldest city, is the spiritual gem of Georgia and was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom. Mtskheta was the place where Christianity was glorified as the kingdom’s official religion. Mtskheta was founded 3000 years ago and is located on an ancient trade route at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. The fabulous Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is the chief attraction of Mtskheta, also known as the burial place of Christ’s mantle. The Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece of early middle ages is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The striking illustrations of medieval religious architecture in the Caucasus are the historic churches in Mtskheta, which display the great artistic and cultural level conquered by this ancient kingdom.


Kutaisi, founded 4 millenniums ago is the second-largest city in Georgia after Tbilisi. Kutaisi has a diverse ambiance and feels as if it is of some other era. This beautiful and elegant city allows you to stroll about to enjoy the sights of tree-lined streets stretching down to the banks of the Rioni River. Kutaisi and the neighbouring area are packed with impressive monuments, such as caves, dinosaur footprints, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries, a futuristic parliament building and many more. Kutaisi is a perfect hub of canyons and natural reserves due to its central location. Kutaisi has been a historically significant city throughout the ages, and one of the oldest settlements in Europe that function as the country’s legislative capital and the seat of the Georgian parliament.


Kazbegi is now officially named as Stepantsminda. It is a small town in north-eastern Georgia which is close to the Russian border. The Georgian Military Highway is the main lifeline of the region, which unites Russian city Vladikavkaz with Tbilisi. The town of Stepantsminda is a charming and perfect base camp for exploring Kazbegi National Park’s hot springs, waterfalls, and carbonated lakes. It is well-known for its mountainous terrain and lush green fields wrapping the whole mountain range. The combination of easy accessibility and natural beauty makes Kazbegi the most visited mountain area in Georgia. It is a great place for ice climbing and mountaineering. The picturesque and breath-taking views of Mount Kazbegi combine leisure with culture. The most significant thing you should do in Kazbegi is to visit Gergeti Trinity Church, built in the 14th century. This church is located at 1,800 meters above the sea level (5,905 feet).

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