Every foreign citizen is required to apply for a visa to get entry to the United States of America. However, there are certain countries that are exempted from this rule. Under the U.S waiver program, citizens of particular countries with valid e-passport are permitted to stay in the US for up to 90 days without a visa. There are various types of visa depending on the intent of the visit – tourist, work, study, immigration, etc. Applicants need to book a US visa appointment in person at the visa application centre and for the visa interview at the embassy/ consulate in their residing country.

U.S visa appointment Schedule.

Step 1. Choose your visa. If your purport is tourism, the visa type is B1/B2.

Step 2. Fill in the online application form (DS-160) that is available on their official website in English. Fill in all the details accurately. You will require to have documents such as a valid passport, travel itinerary, past visits to the U.S if any, your resume and several extra documents depending on your purpose of the visit while applying. You will receive a confirmed application number and any error on the application can lead to a visa denial.

Step 3. A user account has to be made at the Official US Department of State Visa Appointment Service. Your DS-160 application confirmation number need to be entered.

Step4. US visa appointment dates can be booked online while the payment for your visa application is done. Collect all the supporting documents which you will have to submit during the time of appointment or the interview.

Step 5.  You have to arrive at least half an hour before the appointment time. The interview may take about 5 to 10 minutes. Abide by the instructions given by the consulate after the interview and track the status of your visa on the official website.

Applicants falling under a certain age group and those who are renewing their US visas are relieved from taking an appointment. This eligibility of appointment waiver is determined based on the information furnished during the application process.

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