Applying for U.S visa application can be a complicated process due to the change in visa rules from time to time. If it’s a first-time applicant the outcome is really unpredictable. But I would say, there are a lot of factors that may result in acquiring the “golden ticket.”This article gives you a brief on documents you must have before you attend your U.S tourist visa interview

Each document has different requirements. These documents are to verify

1. Validity

2. Financial subsistence

3. Legitimacy

4. Intentions to return to your home country

5. Criminal record, if any

Mandatory documents

 A valid passport

 Photograph as per embassy specifications

 Confirmed visa application page (DS-160) A valid receipt for visa fee payment

 An appointment for the visa interview visa


Supporting documents

 Travel itinerary

 Financial statements

 Occupation related- if employed, get an employment letter or a NOC for verification.**

 If you’re self-employed, get a proof of business ownership.

If you’re visiting your relatives, or children, or attending a family event in the U.S, get an invitation letter.

The processing time for a US tourist visa is from 15 to 30 working days, but this may vary.

From the way you present yourself, the way you give information to the documents you possess with respect to what they ask and what you say in the application. The circumstances keep changing from person to person. If you follow the process that is laid by a genuine visa expertise, you would not need to worry about any document deficiency.