Canada is ranked in the third position on the most visited place in the South American Continent by tourists around the world in 2019. The tourism sector of Canada aims to reach one of the top international tourist destinations by the year 2025. Keeping this vision in mind, the government is promoting more international tourists to visit and spend holidays in Canada.

Some facts you should know before you apply for a Canada Tourist Visa

1. Valid travel document: Passport should have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of travel. If you’re traveling from a different country other than your home country, a 6-month validity on your residence permit is mandatory.

2.Purpose of visit: You need to present a cover letter clearly stating the purpose of your visit. The summary of what you intend to do on your stay, your past travel experience along with your preference of a single or multiple entry visa details. Also, attach the necessary documents like a letter from the employer.

3. Good health: You might need to submit a medical clearance certificate for visa application

4. Clean record: Any kind of involvement in criminal activity or human rights violation or any kind of organized crime would make you ineligible making your wish to visit Canada a distant dream.

5. Strong ties to your country: You will need to submit documents that show your social and professional ties to your country. This means they need an assurance that you are not planning to overstay, find work illegally, and eventually stay there forever. A letter from your employer like a NOC, or a payslip or a covering letter from the company, or income tax reports if you are an entrepreneur would be necessary.

6.Financial subsistence: Documents that prove that you have enough funds in your bank account to support your travel and stay in Canada.

7. Mode of application: Canadian visa can be applied online or on paper (only for online visa-exempt countries.) Online applications are processed quicker and save with no postal expense. An online account keeps you updated on the status of your visa.

8. Apply via VFS: The passport and registration details should be submitted at the VFS Canada center in your country. If you apply for a Canadian tourist visa from India, find the nearest VFS Global office at your location to submit your biometrics and passport for visa processing.

Ensure you meet all the basic requirements for a Canada visitors’ visa.

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